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ts-brankic-sun Pumarinri Amazon Lodge is located in a prime location , the banks of the Huallaga River in the canyon taking you across the foothills of the eastern Andes. The property has 62 ha ( 155 acres) of private reserve. Surrounded by forests, rivers and streams , the site has the distinction of being a biological bridge , to be located at the confluence of the Regional Conservation Area Cordillera Escalera and Cerro Azul National Park. In addition , over the Huallaga river passing alternately three ecosystems of very different characteristics : dry tropical forest , high mountain jungle and low jungle of Amazon Basin.

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The Pumarinri Amazon Lodge is designed according to criteria of good environmental practices. With twelve large rooms with terrace or balcony, it offers the best comfort in the middle of the jungle. Water is a very important element : from the white beaches of the Huallaga to fresh Yuracyacu streams , forming refreshing pools for swimming , everything is an invitation to a bath. We have both cold and hot water.

Tours and trips can be made by land or river, using different types of boats. The area has a great diversity of birds, butterflies and amphibians, which can be seen on the trails of the lodge or on forest walks, waterfall or native communities.





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