Surrender to the rainforest


Fourteen rooms and seven Canopy Penthouse with balconies and terraces overlooking the Huallaga River and Cerro Pumarinri. A step away from Tarapoto, in the middle of the jungle and with all the comfort.


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Jungles, rivers and waterfalls form a landscape where green dominates everything Native people who grow coffee, make chocolate and mold clay handicrafts Pumarinri offers you all the possibilities to get to know the Amazon, whether you are sailing the waters of the Bajo Mayo or walking in the shade of centenary forests.


Experience the jungle in a thousand different ways. See the fog at dawn, climbing up to the peaks of the Cordillera Azul. Cut a cocoa cob and feel the taste of its fresh fruit. Walking through the jungle to dive into the waters of the Pucayaquillo waterfalls.
Do you follow us?


Between mountains covered with forests and watching the tireless passage of the Huallaga River, the Pumarinri opens its doors to connect us with all the jungles of the Amazon.


Between forests, rivers, waterfalls, mountains and ancestral cultures, we have the particularity of being a biological bridge that allows us to enjoy alternatively three ecosystems of very different characteristics: “the tropical dry forest, the high mountain jungle and the low jungle of the Amazon plain”. Our commitment, during the whole process of the trip, is to reflect on the rescue of our identity through awareness and conservation of the environment.


Details of the quality of our rooms; destinations for birdwatchers, butterflies, colorful frogs, orchids and palm trees; dreamy sunrises and sunsets; and living cultures that show us ancestral craftsmanship.
The joy of the jungle is contagious.


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Pumarinri Amazon Lodge

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Pumarinri Amazon Lodge